Mar’sel at Terranea

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Terranea is one of LA’s hidden gems.  The resort itself has multiple dining options and I had the pleasure of having a lovely brunch at Mar’sel with my husband and some friends.  The restaurant itself is tucked away within Terranea resort, which is nestled on a picturesque bluff in Palos Verdes.  Since it was a perfect 73 degrees on Sunday, we sat outdoors on the veranda – the ocean view, slight breeze, and salt air were perfection.

One of my favorite features of this restaurant is its farm-to-table concept.  To make seasonality a main component of every dish, Chef Rebecca Merhej uses ingredients both from the on-site garden and from farmers with whom she has cultivated relationships. Before even placing our orders, we were already relaxed and felt as though we were on vacation and has breathtaking views everywhere you look.

To start things off, I ordered a Bloody Mary.  Let me explain that I usually drink wine and in the rare instance that I venture out to have a mixed drink, I have pretty high expectations – especially when it comes to a Bloody Mary.  When my drink arrived, I was not disappointed – it was perfectly seasoned, well-balanced, and even had pickled cauliflower as a garnish.  It was beautiful.



For the main dish, I ordered the Wagyu Burger from the Brunch Menu.  My husband had the Crispy Chicken Thighs. Because the burger was house ground wagu beef, it is cooked one way and when I tried to order it “medium-rare” (my usual), the waitress informed me that they do not take temperatures of these burgers as a result of the quality of the beef.  Although this made me a little nervous, I put my faith in the chef, Bernard Ibarra.  And I am very glad I did because it was perfection.  Both dishes were exceptional, although I preferred my burger over the chicken, but that’s just the red meat lover in me.


My sweet tooth would not let me leave without something sweet to top the whole meal off so I had the Mexican Hot Chocolate.  Hands down my favorite part of the meal!  So creamy and rich — I will be coming back for more!!!

After brunch, we strolled around the winding paths of the resort and even saw whales not too far off the shore.  This place is perfect for a romantic cocktail or brunch.  Sit outside if weather permits.






  1. Carl says:

    I have eaten at Terranea before. The prices are steep, but they more than make up for it with quality and an amazing view.

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