Stop and smell the flowers. Literally.


We all put pressure on ourselves on a daily basis. I know that my every day is full of deadlines, kids’ activities, and trying to get somewhere on time. Yesterday, I was trying to get a “perfect shot” of a bouquet of jasmine from the magnificent jasmine bush in our backyard. Of course, we were supposed to leave for a dinner party shortly thereafter, and I was on a time crunch.

Then something so simple happened that it made me stop in my tracks and put my camera away: my daughter ran up to the table where I had the jasmine, yelled “flowers!” and proceeded to dramatically and enthusiastically smell them. Her face says it all and I think I caught the most perfect shot of all. Then my son proceeded to do the same. I then put my camera away and we giggled and smelled flowers all together. It was the highlight of my day.

If this wasn’t a reminder to stop and smell the flowers when the opportunity arises, I don’t know what is. So whatever you do today, don’t forget to look around and enjoy the little things.


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